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Privacy policy for the web site

2007.05.15 15:48
The web site is being moderated by the Banerco Limited located in Nicosia, 2 Sofoulis Street, 9th Floor, Flat/Office 901, Cyprus - named the "Banerco Limited"

The Banerco Limited is declaring, that all the information being gathered is to provide the highest possible level of services. All information can be gathered in two ways - automatically or with users permission. Information gathered automatically most of all include users IP number which was used to connect to the Internet, web browser signature, screen resolution, operating system and web address of web page from which the user was redirected. With users permission and/or knowledge we gather all the information being filled in the internet questionnaires available on our web site. The Banerco Limited is using gathered information to analyze redirections made form our web page to other web pages only in order to make statistics and optimize our services.

The Banerco Limited doesn`t pass any of the gathered information to third parties. It is possible that we will pass only aggregated data, analysis etc., which however won`t allow identification of any decisions made by (uniquely recognizable) users.

The Banerco Limited might occasionally send to the Members the commercial information and newsletters, as well as from the third companies. Relying then on agreement made by the Member to receive such information. While sending commercials the Banerco Limited doesn`t give any information or data bases to entities ordering to send such advertisement. However the Banerco Limited can pass on the email addresses from it`s data base to outer company, which is carrying out the mail sending process, together with obligation to get rid of such information after sending off all messages.

We are also gathering information which bets, rates or types are the most interesting to the Members, relating on redirections made by the links available on our web site. Those information can be next published in aggregated form.