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Bookmaking advices - Tutorial for beginning typers

2007.05.11 10:28, Own composition
Bookmakers bet
Bookmakers bet, it`s a deal made, to win some money, between a client and a bookmaking company. We make a bet that for e.g. some political or sport event will finish with certain result. There are bookmakers taking bets only in "stands" and there are also Internet bookmakers (Expect, Bwin, etc.).

Bookmaker choosing
Before you will bet an event, acquaint yourself with web pages of few internet bookmakers, check what forms of payment they approve. (more bookmakers). Check also, whether it`s possible to contact them by phone or email in your language, read some information about that company. Make sure if the company, you would like to make bet with, is reliable. We recommend to read the company regulations. See, what about bookmaking companies the other users are saying forum.

Account opening
To start betting, you need to open your personal account (such accounts can be opened only by the adult users). This process takes place on the bookmaker`s web site (in all companies it is very similar). While registering you need to give your personal details, nick name and login password. After opening your account you need to pay in some money on it, the money which you will be using to bet (some of the companies requires some minimal amount of payment, what is described in more details at the companies characteristics). Winnings withdrawal proceeds in the same way.

Type and win
Each company provides access to it`s offer. Such offer contains a list of all matches(events), which are available to bet on. At each match few options are possible:
1 - it means, that the host will win the match, or the team mentioned on the fist position if the match will be played on neutral field.
x or 0 - means, that the match will finish with draw
2 - the guests will win the match, or the team mentioned on the second position if the match will be played on neutral field
1x - it is so called support option and it means, that either the hosts will win the match or it will be draw
x2 - this is also a support option and it means, that it will be draw or the guests will win
12 - (support) meaning, that the match will be won either by hosts or guests. There will be no draw.

Each of above mentioned options have individual rate set (it`s value is different depending on a company). Rate is a factor necessary to calculate the winning. The lower rates, the higher chances are to predict matches result, according to bookmakers. The higher rates, the lower chances are to predict matches result, according to bookmakers. If for e.g. in the match Real Madrid vs. Osasuna, rate for Real to win is 1.20, for draw 3.20 and for Osasuna to win 2.70, so according to the bookmaker, the definite winner is Real, later adequately there is chance for Osasuna to win and the smallest chances, according to the bookmaker, are for draw. Of course rate for support options will be lower, for e.g. x2 - 1.30, because there is about 66% of chances , that the result you will type will be correct(either it will be draw or guests will win).
We will explain the winning calculation on the example below:
	                                      1       x        2
	Real Madrid(host) - Osasuna(guest)   1.20    3.20     2.70

If you will bet on Real`s victory for let`s say 10 EURO (so called Stake - an amount of money, which you are planning to pay for this particular bet) and the math will finish with such result, then your stake will be multiplied by the rate, which was given at the first option, that is: 10� x 1.20 = 12� and this will be the winning. If you will bet a draw, then similarly: 10� x 3.20 = 32�, if guests winning 10� x 2.70 = 27�.
If you will be typing more than one match, then to calculate the winning you need to multiply all typed rates and then multiply the result by the stake you decided to bet.

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