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Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold`em Poker is the most popular Poker variety from all. Millions of people all over the world treat it as a great fun. Like the professional Poker players assure, Texas Hold`em is a game of skills and not only luck. So in the long run only experience decides who is winning and with how big profit.

1) Aim of the game
All the players are aiming to form the highest 5 cards Pokerhand out of 7 cards. On the beginning we receive two cards and after successive biddings we come to the place when on the table are laying 5 additional cards from which we pick the ones that will give us the best Pokerhand.

2) Game start
- Blind betting (blinds)
Before the deal, players on the left side have to pay so called blinds (small blind and big blind). These are the only players, who are giving money to the pool before the deal. Blind stakes depend on which table we are playing.

- Dealer
Croupier begins the deal from the player, which is marked with letter "D". This mark indicates which players is a "Dealer". While playing online the computer is dealing cards, but the player market with "D" plays like he would be the croupier. The cards are being dealed like the player would be playing live. Each player becomes the dealer in turns clockwise.

3) Game progress
The dealer deals the cards again, beginning from the player sitting next to him on the left side. Cards are being dealed clockwise for all players at the table. Every player first receives one card and than the other, of course not showing them to anybody. Bidding round always starts from the person sitting on the left from the player who paid big blind. This player can`t "check" the cards, he can only "fold", "call" or "raise" the big blind stake.
Bidding moves in turns to every player sitting at the table. Each player can choose between folding, calling or raising current stake, until the turn will come to the player who has paid in the big blind. If till this moment non of the players have risen the stake, this player can check (calling with the big blind bid) or rise the stake.

- Flop
When the first bid ends, the dealer is laying down three card faces up so that everybody can see them. The players try to figure out the best Poker hand with the cards on the table and those two which they are holding in hands. Every player creates his own combination. At this stage we`ve got the information not only about our cards, but also about three common cards. The decision that we will make right now will probably be the most important through the whole deal.
After receiving a "flop" comes the next round of bids. It begins from the player sitting the closest to the dealing one. He can check or bet. If any of the players decide to bet, non of the other players can check in this round of bidding, they can only fold, bet or rise the stake.

- Turn
After the end of second round of bidding, on the table appears the fourth card common for all players - turn. This turn is extremely important round of bidding in Texas Hold`em. On this stage of bidding the stake has risen. Now we can use all six cards to make the best Poker hand. The bidding also starts from the players sitting the closest to the dealing one and moves clockwise.

- River
After the bidding ends the fifth card is being revealed (river). On the table we`ve got three flop cards, the 4th card - turn and the 5th card - river. Now we have 5 common cards laying on the table and two cards in hands. So the next round begins, starting from the first player, left in the game, on the left side from the dealing one. Players can again bet, fold and rise.

After the bidding ends all cards are being revealed and depending on the strength of the Poker hands the winner is being shown. If all other players have folded the winner doesn`t have to show his cards.
After announcing who has won, the game starts form the beginning. The "D" mark moves to the next place and the players sitting on his left side have to pay small and big blind.

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