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Auto Cash Out

2017-03-09 13:59:09
Bet365 has just prepared a new feature - Auto Cash Out.
Some man said one day that he only liked songs he had known well. If you, however, have the same attitude with regards to sports betting, you probably make a big mistake. The rule is simple: in order to win against bookmakers you need to have accounts at least with a few of them. Being attracted to only one bookmaker that you know well and which interface is easy to navigate by you, that you wouldn’t have any problem with it even if you were waken up in the middle of the night, is a big mistake. more

Taming the Asian Handicaps

2017-03-09 13:02:43
A lot of people are still unfamiliar with the Asian Handicaps. However it’s worth to have a closer look at them, because they have a lot of advantages. First of all, they are eliminating the triple result typing (1X2) in the most popular among the players discipline, that is football. Thanks to the Handicaps we can bet on a football match with only double result (1 or 2). Secondly, the Asian invention gives you the opportunity to bet on a match’s favourite, who is a dead cert. winner, for an odd which is higher than in case of the traditional bets. And one more, comparing to the last ones, the Handicap’s odds are burdened by the bookmakers with the lower profit margins. more
If you have never had anything to do with betting, after reading this article you should know if it’s your cup of tea. Certainly many times you have wondered, whether you could make a lot of money on bookmaker’s betting. The answer is YES, but…

What makes the bookmakers profit

2017-03-09 13:02:42
While making bets it`s worth to know, how the bookmakers are determining their odds and what makes their profit. more
In this article I would like to explain to You how to make bets using betting systems and then to calculate Your winnings. I will be writing about the basic betting systems. First of all I will put a table showing a quantity of the combinations along with the price for each of the individual systems. more

Surebets – making sure money

2017-03-09 13:02:40
Surebet is a game system, which always guarantees victory. To play surebet you have to have an account open at few bookmakers. This system can be recommended above all for the players, which have a large sum of money for their disposal. Reason? Prosaic, low stakes gives you insignificant income. more

Fibonacci`s sequence

2017-03-09 13:02:38
The system using the Fibonacci`s sequence, is in fact a modified progression. The only difference is in the way of rising the successive stakes.

Labouchere`s system

2017-03-09 13:02:36
One of the possibilities of playing in the bookmaking bets is a game system called the Labouchere. This is a system of the declining progression for an event with an odd 2.00. more
Don`t believe in fairy tails: the ideal betting system does not exist!!! However there are some ways to increase your victory`s chances, thus to reduce the supremacy, which every bookmaker always have over the players. Progression – makes it possible. more

Kellye`s criterion

2017-03-09 13:02:32
People playing in the bookmaker`s betting should be aware, that only an effective typing is not enough to make a profit. Equally important issues are: having a game plan and skillful capital management. Unfortunately in most cases the players don`t take them into consideration, what in most cases, in the long term perspective, cause they are doomed to failure. more

Fixed profit on every stage

2017-03-09 13:02:29
Is much more safe than the classic one. You can make some money on it even from the very few first stages of the game. Advanced users consider it as one of the most efficient systems. What is it about? It`s a fixed profit progression.
The internet betting exchange exists merely for several years, but it`s popularity in the whole world has been rising in an express rate. “Per-to-per” bets are still a novelty in many countries, but I can make a bet, that the future of the bookmaking market belongs to the betting exchange. more
Is it better to bet on the single events, or to fill in the whole betting slip and to enjoy the high AKO (Accumulative Odd)? – this question keeps many beginning players awake at night. From strictly mathematical point of view the answer is trivial. more